Monday, March 28, 2011

Ho'oilina Küpuna

This year's Lu'au theme was, "Living the Legacy of our Ancestors." I really like it when performances have a story to them, especially performances I'm a part of. I danced Tahiti & New Zealand section this year. I prayed to the poi ball gods to bless with the gift of coordination. I'm not so sure it helped, but at least my poi ball didn't fly off the stage! I consider that a victory.

I love poly culture so much because it's what's familiar to me; It's what I grew up with. & if I get to dress in awesome costumes & get a great workout from four-hours of dancing every Saturday; I'm especially down. I can't even believe Lu'au is over, next year's will be even bigger & better.

[Definitely what we look like 24/7 back stage.

[Pu'a & JoJo finally embraced their culture and danced this year!]

Dana-Face. He's forever hatin' on me. :]

[My other roomies♥]

From now on,I'm calling him by his middle name, Aloa.

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rajumadhur said...

Poly culture would never get old... I just love the way it is celebrated...


Audrey said...

well well well isn't someone looking skinny!

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