Thursday, March 17, 2011

shamrock green

Green is one of my favorite colors. & my favorite shade has always been shamrock green. It's the only shade of green i would use when I would color with crayola's 96 box of crayons. It's been a flores family tradition since i was in elementary school to enjoy a shamrock shake from mc donalds on St Patrick's day. seriously, it might be the best shake i've ever had; i super love the minty taste—it's either that or the fact that it's only available once a year that makes me love it so much.

last year, I went to the McDonalds by Provo High School hoping to treat myself to one, but they didn't have them. This time, I called ahead! "You bet your dollar we do," has never sounded better. I may have convinced a couple of people in the newsroom to join in the shamrock shake festivities with me.

speaking of festivities! March Madness round two started today. I'm not a basketball person, it actually kind of bores me (... that's a story for another post though). I did decide to try my hand at a bracket though. We'll see how great I do. I literally looked up the top 25 and randomly chose my winners. Maybe the luck of the irish will help me?

Pretty sure Alex & Caitlin have been converted.

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Li-Sha said...

haha i am the same way when it comes to filling out brackets... which is why i always lose. also you look rather seductive in the last picture. just saying is all.

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