Sunday, March 27, 2011

No life, without wife!

1. Hare Hare Krishna (aka The Festival of COLORS)
Every spring, a little bit of that Indian culture comes alive at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. I was a first timer & I fell in love. Admission is free which is always super nice & then we bought packets of magical colored powder. I chose a neon pink & yellow! Let me just warn you though, the powder, it doesn't taste all that yummy. It's like what I would imagine flour to taste like, super gross. Throwing colors is like a food fight without restrictions, BUT even better because the colors look amazing. & as if throwing powdered colors wasn't enough, they had LLAMAS! Ey pacha? I think powdered color is the look for me. Who needs makeup?

Post festival of colors, we hit up India Palace. I ordered Mango chicken, mango lassi, and naan. I ordered it super spicy and the Indian waiter kind of laughed at me and shook his head as if saying, "she has no idea what she's getting herself into..." Pffft. Apparently he doesn't know my taste buds though. The food took 40 min to get to our table & only took 10 min to disappear. Food coma? Totally worth it though.

We then went home & watched my all time favorite version of Pride & Prejudice... Bride & Prejudice.

I love indian culture!
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