Wednesday, March 30, 2011

feliz día del hump.


— Visiting Provo 7th ward (Polynesian ward) also known as my LB7th away from home.
— Getting my term paper for grammar shortened & moved to be due the last day of class.
— Running into my best friend on the way to work

— Having FHE with my family & the missionaries over skype

— Hottub Tuesday

— Home teachers & visiting teachers bringing apple pie & ice cream to my friends that aren't my
roommates but that I live with.

— Impromptu sleepovers

— Kill shot-ing a certain apartment whenever I pass by


— Going to all 4 sessions of General Conference
— The possibility of a hottub Thursday
— A dinner date with my favorite Tongan
— Easter outfit shopping
— Signing a contract for next year at the cutest place everrrr. (Amazing ward headed my way!)
— Scheming with newsroom friends about making certain stories happen.
— Introducing the familia to India Palace
— Mom & brochachos coming into SLC.


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