Friday, March 18, 2011


with my super crazy schedule this week, my room was big time neglected. i'm talking labyrinth status, but without david bowie. K-EARTH 101 was the soundtrack to my cleaning ( no surprise there)!

I had laundry piled up among other things, & i got this crazy idea, since I only had a handful of delicates, (t-shirt & jeans week anyone?) to wash my clothes by hand in the bathtub. My clothes were hand-washed in Mexico by Samira— my host family's mayan maid.

Washing clothes by hand I guess you could say helps me connect with the ways of my ancestors? I'm pretty sure I come from Aztec descent, if we want to get technical... but that's besides the point. who knows, this may become a friday ritual?

Happy weekend. xoxo.

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