Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The high bun society — a sisterhood brought together by stress.

high bun /haɪ bʌn/ noun. : a regal up-do frequently sported by Michelle Jauregui & Lauren Marie during times of great stress. Usually this hairstyle is styled with full bangs, but when times get tough, the tough bangs get going. This hairstyle has been know to give an extra rush of energy and allows for an elevated way of thinking.

Shells and I are true believers of the high bun. We went to high school together & had many a stressful final projects to work on together.

Do not doubt the power of the high bun. It's the real deal.

All of my ,

p.s. Next month I leave to the NYC!!!!! holla!


Li-Sha said...

i agree! i love the high bun! i used to rock it all the time in high school. i should do it again:)

Liz V. said...

Yes!! I am ALL about the high bun.

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