Thursday, March 24, 2011

follow the glittery road to...

The Monster Ball.

Put your paws up if you're a Lady Gaga fan! Hollah. I took a trip down to Salt Lake this past weekend with Audrey & my
sister Esmeralda to see mother monster herself. It was Wasa's (Esme) first concert EVER. Who better to see for your first concert than Gaga right? Lady Gaga is a creative genius & there were so many little monsters decked out in their best gaga-esque attire. I kept wishing my hair was longer so I could pin it up into a bow.

I could not get over the mix of the audience at the concert. Just sitting near us there were drag queens, starstruck tweens, super obese couples and a family of five. That's when you know you're seeing an icon. I think my favorite number as far as the concert goes was Paparazzi. Gaga's outfit for that number was gorgeous & she had this huge monster puppet following her around.

Seriously, the only thing that would have made this concert better was if Beyonce herself would have run on stage for telephone. That would have been
too good.

I can't wait till my next concert!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome!
I'm obsessing over concerts right now :D

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