Friday, April 1, 2011

How do you say, "I love you" in Chinese?

General Conference is my favorite time of the year. It's like a holiday for me, a holiday of rejoicing. My mom & uncle Job fly into town every year for a brother/sister trip and we get together with the Quesada side of the family here in the beehive state for a 3 day long reunion!

Day One:
Friday night begins the festivities with a traditional semi-annual dinner at PF Changs. I'm pretty sure the workers there know our family like the back of their hands. How could you forget a Hispanic family that takes up seven of your tables? Mexican families are just big & the thing is, our get-togethers are only going to get bigger! My Uncle & Aunt who are currently in Guatemala serving as mission presidents will be back in time for October conference & my cousin Magos will bring along baby girl # 5! The more the merrier!

7 tables long. [& this is only a branch of our massive family tree.]

Crispy green beans—more addicting than french fries.

Elder Falabella, my adopted Uncle. :]

My healthy alternative to dessert, yummy berries.

Cousins Magos (Margarita) & Xochitl.

All of my ,


kylee said...

i love conference weekend.
i love family traditions.
and going to a restaurant so often that the people start to recognize you.

Li-Sha said...

i want pf changs now.

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