Saturday, April 16, 2011

& then there were six...

I finished my first final today!
Visual Communications.
Our final was basically doing a semesters worth of work & putting it into a portfolio.
My entire project was Mexican themed.
I'm awfully fond of my portfolio cover.
If only all of my finals involved creativity...

All of my ,


alex.talks.a.lot said...

you are good. too good. you are living my dream actually :) hopefully i can follow in your footsteps!

Lauren said...


That's so kind of you! Are you trying to get into Comms? Which emphasis are you shooting for?

Camille said...

I so wish that I was creative. Everything you design is lovely.

alex.talks.a.lot said...

I am thinking advertising if graphic design doesn't work out. Good plan, or no? I'm so lost!

Rachel said...

Lauren. This is beautiful. As are you. I miss you already. I regret that we could not say goodbye after the usage final. I can't wait until we have another class together in fall! Have a fun summer! Please know that now that I am done finals, I will be devoting a lot of time to watching Sassy Gay Friend. Good work.
All my love <3

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