Sunday, April 3, 2011

I got a golden ticket!


My family always attends every session of conference. Everyone always asks me how I manage to get tickets, some of the tickets come from our family members and the rest we get by holding up signs. I don't believe in the standby line; that's a 50/50 risk. I've ALWAYS gotten conference tickets when I hold up a sign I think it's a guarantee. Our family knows the perfect spot to ask for them too. Flores/Torres/Quesada family secret. This time, my brother Ezra and I were given tickets that had Elder Russell M. Nelson's name on them! We were plenty excited. Honestly if you can, try to sit in the plaza section of the conference center it will change your conference-going experience forever.

This man was so excited when he found out we were from Compton! He kept telling us, "Compton needs more people like you!"

The golden ticket.

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kylee said...

i have always wanted to sit down there for conference! you lucky ducks!

Li-Sha said...

holyyy crap that is an awesome conference ticket story! and i agree with the sign thing. my friend had a "i'm all the way from alaska and i need a ticket" sign and got a ticket within five minutes. people are so nice. and i always had extra tickets and i loved giving them away to people and seeing them get excited:)

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