Sunday, April 10, 2011

pizza with a purpose.

i know i say this alot, but i miss freshman year.
but i could have done without the weird visiting hours
my bff would call it "Sunday night booty call."
remember how last time we had a Taylor 1200 reunion
we made a pact to meet every month?

Friday we met for dinner at Malawi's Pizza in Provo.
I had never been, but Jenny raves about it all the time
It was so great to see everyone one last time before the semester is over.
The reunions will continue next fall, but things will be different.
Jenny will be Mrs. Reese.
Jane will be halfway around the world in the Philippines.
& I will be engaged.

All of my , Lauren


Leanna said...

i loved seeing you guys!!!

Liz V. said...

Yes, this was so fun! And Malawi's pizza is delicious.

marlee.patrice said...

oh my gosh lauren!! I didn't know you were going on a mission either!!! Do you have your call?
AND a bunch of your friends for your freshman year are my neighbors!
What a crazy small world!!

Brianna Jill said...

haha engaged, Lauren you scared me! I was how did i not hear about this! So fun to see you!!!! and everyone!!! xoxo

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