Friday, May 11, 2012

Accidental Roadtrip.

31. Visit the Salt Flats

You know that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End? The one scene where Captain Jack Sparrow is in this vast white expanse and starts seeing things, like tiny crabs walking all over the place? Yeah, that scene was filmed in Utah. In the Bonneville Salt Flats State Park. BUCKETLIST!

We kind of under-calculated the drive and realized that the salt flats are like 10mi away from the Nevada border. Nothing says roadtrip quite like a drive to the new city creek mall + a stop at the red iguana + six girls packed into a car & a pit stop at a 7-11.

The salt flats were surreal. We literally drove off the freeway and onto the salt flats and I was tempted to yell, "yo ho yo ho a Pirates life for me!" at the top of my lungs—the only thing that could of made that moment better is having the Pirates of the Caribbean score serving as a personal soundtrack to our off-terrain escapade. 

It was beautiful there. calm and serene. Sound traveled ridiculously fast on the flats and we could hear each other perfectly no matter how far away we were standing from each other. The ground of the salt flats sank every time we walked kind of like we were on a temperpedic bed it was as if I was walking on a bed of moon sand. The salt flat bed felt even better when you walked barefoot. It's maybe even better than sand on the beach & definitely worth the two-hour drive from Provo. 


Li-Sha said...

whaaat! i had no idea that part of the movie was filmed there. i want to go now. thanks, lauren, for the awesome suggestion:) it looks so cool there!

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