Monday, May 14, 2012

On Miracles.

"Do the best you can, and the Lord will provide the rest. 
Have faith and confidence in Him, and you will see miracles happen in your life
 and the lives of your loved ones. 
The virtue of your own life will be a light to those who sit in darkness, 
because you are a living witness of the fulness of the gospel."
- Dieter F. Uchtdrof, "The Influence of Righteous Women."

"For I am God, and mine arm is not shortened; 
and I will show miracles, signs, and wonders, 
unto all those who believe on my name" 
- D&C 35:8

Today a miracle happened at around 10:34 am.
It came at the perfect time, just as I was coming to the brink of frustration, not understanding why certain things were happening the way they were.
I started crying and thinking "my desire is righteous, why do I keep hitting roadblocks?"

& then the miracle occurred.
and it was wonderful and I screamed and called out to my roommates.
but no one was home, so I called my mom about 4 times including using her work phone and texted her in all caps "CALL ME!!!!"

I tried to remain calm as I described what had happened and then called my mejor amiga.
Obviously my mind wasn't functioning completely because I later realized I could have walked less than 30ft to rehearse the miracle to her.

The first thought that popped into my head post-miracle a need to thank my Heavenly Father for the miracle.
I was so happy as I got on my knees I felt an overwhelming sensation of gratitude and I started praying and laughing and smiling because my season of patient waiting had passed.
Second thought: I need to record the miracle down and so all during my book publishing class, I scribbled away frantically in my blue lined journal about my happy morning.

& just in case there was any doubt in my mind that a miracle had truly taken place.
I got a small little envelope in the mail today that proved the reality of the miracle.
I don't know how it happened, but then again I do.

& just like that,
My mission papers are officially turned in!


Li-Sha said...

hooray lauren! you are so awesome!

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