Sunday, May 6, 2012

A "for reals" recommendation.

14. Hawaiian shaved Ice from the shack across from Helaman Halls

You know how sometimes you have friends who recommend you to try out places and you go and you're really excited only to be severely disappointed? I felt that way with Sammy's (although I still recommend you try their pie shakes). K, this place is NOT like that. 

go here.
Please go here more than once.

The sizes are h u g e. I went with a kiddie for $1.50 and added sweet and condensed milk drizzled on top (#mexicanstyle) for fifty cents more. The flavor selection is huge. I went with tigers blood (strawberry, piña colada, and watermelon). I love me a good hawaiian shaved ice. It's like the cotton candy version of a snow cone. 


Li-Sha said...

i have an INSANE snow cone addiction. it's so ridiculously bad. also i'm in provo right now for a couple of days and i'm staying right. next. door. to that snow cone place. i'm so excited! :)

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