Monday, May 7, 2012

Very superstitious.


Nothing makes Mormons sound more superstitious than mission calls.

I kid you not, ever since I started telling people I'm in the process of turning in my papers, I've gotten tons of advice on how to know where I'm going. I present my collected bits of new-found wisdom in the form of a short list:

How to successfully predict your Mission call
apply the following...

1. You'll be sent where your personality fits
2. You'll be sent to a place where you look like you could be from.
3. Don't say the name of the place where you want to go out loud or you won't get called there.
4. Only people who have some kind of connection to Japan get called there.
5. If you study Spanish in high school you'll probably be sent German speaking.
6. If you say where you don't want to go out loud, chances are you'll be sent there. 
7. You'll be sent to the place of your ancestry
8. If you're pretty, you'll serve on temple square. 

I love it.
These bits of somewhat truths make me happy.
They kind of remind me of conspiracy theories or whispers about urban legends. 
& I'm pretty sure I'm just going to serve exactly where I'm needed.


mojo2cool said...

I love this entry! Good writing Lauren!

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