Monday, May 21, 2012

eclipse day.

17. Picnic at the Provo temple

Somehow a picnic post church on temple grounds helped the day to seem just a little bit longer. We have roommate dinners (occasionally plus Daniela) and this time around it was Emily's turn, but since the weather was so nice we'd figure an excursion was necessary. 12:30 church plus meetings afterwards isn't always the best, but it was so nice to just lay and daydream in front of the temple when all was said and done. & we didn't realize till we were done that a solar eclipse was going one. When we got up half of Provo (maybe I'm exaggerating) was on the temple grounds with their special eclipse glasses and other viewing devices. The light was so strange and I felt like for this hour or so the yellowish tint of the sun was gone and replaced with a pure white light.
We didn't have special viewing glasses, so instead Katie & I rushed home to use vintage circus masks, almost as effective.


al said...

SO fun! I live in the south so we couldn't see the eclipse. Apparently it was a "west coast" thing. Lamer than lame.

Love your dress, by the way!

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