Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The hood: good food, good company


I finally made it out to Roscoe's in downtown Long Beach. How did I live in Compton for 21 years and never once try the delicious combo of chicken & waffles? f i r e d. I know it sounds weird? Chicken and waffles? I promise, the combination is heavenly. 

I met up with some of my favorite people and had a late night dinner of the "Carol C. Special: 1 succulent breast, 1 delicious waffle." BOMB. Seriously, the fried chicken was perfection. Just the right amount of buttery taste and fried to the perfect texture. I'll definitely be making some more trips and next time, i'm trying the eclipse. It's on the secret menu, it's a drink that kind of looks like an ombre glass of summer sunset hues (lemonade, O.J., and fruit punch).

Roscoes is a combination of all the best qualities the hood has to offer.
& I ed it.


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