Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Lord of the Rings

My journey through middle earth mirrored that of Frodo Baggins and his trusty companion Samwise Gamgee: I enjoyed the company. I fell in love with the members of the fellowship. & I was captivated. BUT,  it was long. It was tiresome. & there were some parts where I just wanted to give up and skip ahead (I didn't. I am proud to say I read every poem and song Tolkien penned).
Ultimately though, I feel accomplished and dare I say a tad bit nerdier?

Merry & Pippin were my favorites of all the fellowship (though I must say the Gilmli-Legolas friendship moments were nothing but tender). Out of all the characters in the book they were the easiest to love. They were carefree, but also deeply loyal and full of valor. They never seemed to take themselves too seriously and even though at first it was as if they were simply "along for the ride" or were causing nothing but mayhem and trouble, they grew to be game changers.


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